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Exercise for Pregnant Women That Eliminates Pregnancy Panis

Exercise for pregnant women differs as it focuses more on helping a healthy gestation through specific forms of pregnancy exercises program. Round ligament pain, pelvic pain, and back pain during pregnancy are common complaints that can be corrected safely by our pregnancy chiropractor and physiotherapists. If you like more information on our personalized pregnancy treatment programs, call us on 03 2093 1000.

During pregnancy, stay fit and healthy with pregnancy exercises that help strengthen specifics muscles, ligaments, and joints for a pain-free pregnancy. Before starting with any of our mentioned exercises for pregnant women, you must consult with your gynecologist. Doing the proper exercise for pregnant women can help many issues often faced during pregnancy. Moreover, doing the wrong exercises can harm you, even if they are pregnancy-specific forms of exercise. Therefore, please don’t take a chance to clear the pregnancy exercises on this page with your gynecologist before using them.

Exercise is essential to a healthy pregnancy and helps stabilize and strengthen your neuro-musculoskeletal systems. However, pregnant women must be careful about the type of exercise. Some exercises you may have done before pregnancy may not be suitable for you during pregnancy. You should consult with your doctor or one of our chiropractors before doing any exercises during your pregnancy.

Exercise Alone Not Sufficient To Eliminate Back Pain During pregnancy

If you are experiencing pregnancy aches and pains, exercise can help. However, exercise is not enough to get rid of pregnancy pains or back pain during pregnancy. significant points were made clear in a  published report on data from 32 studies, including 13 randomized controlled trials:

  1. Exercise during pregnancy will not decrease the chances of developing back pain during pregnancy
  2. exercises during pregnancy did help minimize the severity and intensity of back pain for pregnant women
  3. Exercise by itself is not sufficient to eliminate back pain during pregnancy.

Pregnant women and new mothers should incorporate pregnancy chiropractic and physiotherapy with effective exercises to help them eliminate the aches and pains of pregnancy safely and effectively. We have listed some of the best exercises during pregnancy below:

  1. Kegel exercise
  2. Clamshell exercise
  3. Leg extension exercise
  4. Cat & Camel exercise

Kegel Exercise Is The Best Exercise For Pregnant Women

You can do Kegel exercises in standing, sitting, or lying positions. However, pregnancy brings lots of changes, and these changes will impact how you do any exercise, including the Kegels.

You should never exercise during pregnancy while in a supine position (lying on your back), especially after the third month, as it puts excessive stress on your heart and lungs. Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to their position before exercising. For Kegel exercises during pregnancy, Three positions are recommended:

  1. First – Five Months Of Pregnancy: You use the seated or standing position. The seated position may be better comfortable after the third month.
  2. Sixth – Seventh Month Of Pregnancy: Gent on your hands and knee in “all-fours-position”.
  3. Seventh & Eight Months Of Pregnancy: During the 7th-8th months of pregnancy, the best position is a side-lying posture with the left side down and the knees flexed. For support, use a proper pillow under the neck, good support between the knees & and a small pillow under the belly.

Clamshell Exercise For The Pubic, Pelvis & Hips

The clamshell exercise is a fantastic exercise to improve the strength of muscles in your buttocks, hips, inner thighs, and pelvic floor. Clamshell exercise is good for patients with painful pelvis, hips, groin, and pubic bones. If you are experiencing back pain, groin pain, or a painful pubic symphysis, Clamshell exercises might help. However, it would help if you got clinical advice before starting this exercise to ensure it is suitable for you. Doing the wrong exercise jeopardizes your pregnancy.

Must do for both sides. Start with the right side first:

  • Clamshell exercise is a side-lying exercise. This exercise should be done on both sides, starting with the right side first and then the left side last:
  • While lying on your right side, bring your knees towards your chest. Ensure that your left leg (thigh, knees, ankle, and foot) is stacked on top of your right leg. Place your left hand over the hip and groin area and rotate your hip up and down while keeping your left foot on top of your right foot.
  • Perform 5-10 reps before changing side

The clamshell is an excellent exercise for pregnant women with hip pain, pubic pain, or groin pain. However, you should consult our pregnancy chiropractor or your gynecologist before starting any exercise program during your pregnancy.

Leg Extension Exercise For Pregnant Women

First, begin with the right side and then with the left side:

  • Lie on your right side with the right arm folded under your head and the left hand positioned on the floor or mat in front of your body for support; stack your left leg on top of your right leg. Flex both knees towards the chest while keeping the legs stacked from the hip to the feet. Once in position, start lifting and extend your left leg behind your body and return to the start position. You should perform 5-10 reps on each side. This will count as one rep.

Cat & Camel Exercise For Pregnancy Awesome Workout For The Spine

Not a good exercise for pregnant women with wrist pain or carpal tunnel.

  • The starting position is on-all-fours. With your hand firmly planted on the mat, ensure the arm is straight and directly below the shoulder. The knees, legs, and top of feet should be below your hips. Once in a proper position, do the following:
  • Start with the camel pose by taking a deep breath (inhale) and as you inhale, lower your belly and lift your head and neck upwards-arching your back. Wait for 1-2 seconds and start with the cat pose by exhaling and lifting your belly upwards to reverse the arch to a hump. This will count as one rep. You should do 3-5 of these to complete the exercise.

If you are pregnant and suffer from pregnancy aches and pains, you should contact Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) in Bukit Damansara for a thorough assessment by one of our pregnancy chiropractors. CSC’s pregnancy aches and pains treatment is through integrative methods that combine physiotherapy, chiropractic, rehabilitation, and customized exercises for pregnant women to help eliminate pain during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth. WhatsApp us for more information on exercise for pregnant women or CSC’s pregnant chiropractic and physiotherapy.

FAQs On Exercise For Pregnant Women

What Is The Best Exercise For Back Pain During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the best exercise for back pain is a personalized exercise to meet your therapeutic needs. However, the Kegel exercise is a fantastic all-around exercise for pregnant women, including those who suffer from back pain. But, exercise for back pain during pregnancy is helpful but will not get rid of your pain. It would help if you combined chiropractic and physiotherapy with a focused and customized exercise plan for the best results. 

Best Exercise For Pregnancy Pubic Pain, Hip Pain & Groin Pain?

Pubic pain during pregnancy is related to hormonal changes and excessive stretching of the round ligament. Specialized and pregnancy-specific methods of chiropractic are helpful. Clamshell exercise is a great exercise that strengthens the inner thighs, pelvic floor, and hips. It should help decrease some of the public pain during pregnancy.

What Is The Best Exercise For Pregnancy?

Pregnancy comes with body changes that at times cause pain and discomfort. Exercise can be beneficial to help avoid pregnancy aches and pain. The three best exercises for pregnant women are Kegel, clamshell, and leg extension exercises. However, before starting any exercise session during your pregnancy, clear it with your gynecologist.

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