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Get The Best & Most Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy In Malaysia

Get advanced spinal decompression therapy at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Get treated through CSC’s proven methods via the RxDecom® today. Call or visit us today for non-surgical repair. We succeed when competing centers have failed!

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Chiropractic Specialty Center® was the first to offer spinal decompression therapy in Malaysia. We have fixed and repaired the necks and backs of thousands of Malaysian since 2006. Our advanced methods of neck pain and back pain treatment are second to none. We have enriched our multidisciplinary mythologies with some of the most advanced spine technologies. The most essential of these devices is RxDecom®. The RxDecom® is a breakthrough therapy device-specific for fixing, repairing, and reversing slipped discs (slip-disc) without injections or surgery.

Spinal decompression therapy is effective with the right spinal decompression therapy machine, and interdisciplinary care is given collaboratively. As such, it is not just the spinal decompression that gets patients better, but also the interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary systems of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Over the last 13-years, we treated some 15,000 patients with a nearly 95% success rate.

Our successes are the results of our skills, knowledge, and interdisciplinary treatments combined with specialized decompression therapy. In essence, we have combined medical sciences with the RxDecom®. The RxDecom® is the only spinal decompression therapy device that combines medical science with advanced engineering, IT, and robotic technologies. It is a cutting-edge decompression therapy device with a proven track record.

Physiotherapy Prices & Chiropractic Costs In Malaysia?

Spinal decompression is an advanced method of physiotherapy that helps patients with severe back pain and sciatica. Back pain and sciatic treatment by chiropractors and physiotherapists of CSC are further enriched with spinal decompression therapy. The cost of spinal decompression therapy by the RxDecom® when combined with chiropractic treatment at one of our centers is RM 65.

Learn more about our chiropractic treatment prices in Malaysia and prices for physiotherapy. For more information on physiotherapy, chiropractic, and spinal decompression and how we can help you, [leasde contact one of our centers today.

Can Spinal Decompression Therapy Alone Fix & Repair Disc Problems?

Spinal decompression therapy is of critical importance for neck, back, and slipped disc patients. However, to maximize these benefits, the center providing you with decompression therapy must be skilled and knowledgeable. Spinal decompression therapy is not a magical machine. In other words, just having spinal decompression therapy is not going to fix and repair damaged muscles, joints, or spinal discs. Fixing damaged tissues requires focused and targeted decompression therapy.

Also, the spinal decompression therapy device must be one of the best devices. In other words, you get what you put in it. If you use the best spinal decompression (RxDecom®), you should expect great results. When you get traction, expect frequent flare-ups!

Innovative spinal decompression therapy devices such as the RxDecom® combined with corrective chiropractic and clinical physiotherapy yield better results. It is somewhat similar to other fields of healthcare, such as dentistry. To get the best of your dental treatment, you will need an expert dentist who uses advanced research-based methods combined with innovative treatment devices or technologies in dentistry.

In other words, you wouldn’t want to go to a dentist with limited skills, knowledge, or outdated dental treatment devices or technologies. The same should apply to your spine. If you want the best, visit the best. Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best cutting-edge spinal decompression therapy combined with chiropractic and physiotherapy.

What Are The Risks With Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical method of care to fix and repair the cause of your neck or back pain. There are little to no risks at all. Having adverse side effects is lowered when you get a proper assessment by an expert in spine care and decompression therapy. Compared to the risks and complications of steroid injections and spine surgery, spinal decompression therapy is relatively risk-free.

Increased muscle cramping and tightening are possible the leading risk factor in focused spinal decompression therapy. And even then, if spinal decompression is provided through the RxDecom®, muscle guarding, cramping, and pain are altogether avoided. The sensors and software of the RxDecom® offer continuous patient monitoring, making it the best and safest of all decompression therapy devices.

What Does It Mean If You Have Pain During Or After Decompression Therapy?

Spinal decompression therapy should never be painful. Pain is a sign of error. Some offer traction therapy and name it spinal decompression. Traction therapy, such as DTS, can be painful during and even after treatment. Pain results from improper patient positioning or aggressive treatment. It is easy to tell the difference between spinal decompression units and traction.

Traction therapy is where the therapists ask you to sit and then lye-down on the machine before treatment. After treatment, they will ask you to get o your side, push up into a seated position, and then walk off or out.

Spinal decompression therapy devices will not have patients’ positions themselves. Getting into therapy, potion, or out of therapy can place undue stress on the very tissues in need of care. For example, with the RxDecom®, the patient stands on a pedestal, and the robotic arm of the RxDecom® gently lowers the patient into position.

Once therapy is completed, the same robotic arm activates to effortlessly bring the patient into a standing position. Doing so minimizes stress on spinal nerves, spinal joints, and discs. In other words, a painless and soothing treatment that leaves you refreshed.

The best and most advanced spinal decompression therapy system in Malaysia.

Our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists have years of experience in getting patients back to a healthy, active life. On many occasions, patients had come to us as their last option, seeking relief when others failed. We have succeeded in almost every case, where others failed. Although we don’t mind being the last option before surgery, it would be better for patients to visit us as their first choice.

Many have wasted time and hard-earned money on useless procedures and even on some very questionable care methods. We have also had patients that were made worse after surgery. And several did not get the full results their surgeons told them to expect.

Our treatments have been successful even for those with failed surgery because of our advanced spinal decompression treatment protocols through NSD Therapy® methods. NSD Therapy® is a highly specialized method of spine care rendered collaboratively by our Chiros and Physios. The most critical aspect of the care you get through NSD Therapy® is our breakthrough advanced technology, the RxDecom®. RxDecom® is the best and most advanced spinal decompression therapy device. It makes NSD Therapy® possible.

NSD Therapy® Offers The Best Spine Therapy. Opt For Proven Methods That Reverses A Slip-Disc!

Best of all, through NSD Therapy®, RxDecom®, and our integrative treatment methods, we have reversed even severe slipped discs. Our proven results are testaments to the level of targeted care you can expect from a Chiropractic Specialty Center®. So don’t waste time or resources on questionable systems of advanced spinal decompression therapy. Instead, opt for the best methods. Opt for NSD Therapy at our center today. Let Malaysia’s best clinical teams fix and repair your slip-disc today. You will be glad you did.

We want to get the word out. We can fix back pain and neck pain without drugs or surgery. If the pain keeps coming back over and over, it might be because your treatments were not comprehensive. Please help us by sharing pages and posts from this site with others. We are here to help as many patients as possible. Our goals are to help those in our community live life active and without pain. Please help us help our community by getting the word out about our advanced spinal decompression therapy program in Malaysia.

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  1. Chan Pooi Hoong

    Terrible pain from L4/5 fusion in March 2015. Affecting pelvis and hips. Very painful while sitting, walking, and standing.

    1. CSC Clinical Team

      Dear Chan,
      Our clinical teams are the experts you need for a speedy recovery. Please call our main center at 03 2093 1000 for an appointment at one of our centers today. We can help.

    2. CSC Clinical Team

      Dear Chan,
      Thank you for posting. Patients like you are the reason why we encourage our non-operative means of care. We can still offer you some help; please contact our center at 03-2093 1000 to set up a non-on-one consultation with one of our clinical chiropractors today.

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