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Fix Back Pain and Slipped Disc Without Drugs, Injections or Surgery.

Opt for holistic slipped disc and back pain treatments at Chiropractic Specialty Center® today. We get results when others fail!

Man with back pain holding upper backBack Pain Treatment and Diagnosis in Malaysia 

The most common cause of disability 45 is back pain. There are many causes of back pain. It can be as innocent as a muscle spasm, or because of something more serious such as a protruded/herniated lumbar disc (slipped disc). Statistically, at least 80% of the population will experience back pain in their lifetime. The future looks worse, the US government is now calling back pain the next epidemic! Our recommendation is not to ignore your pain! Fix small problems now before they become life-altering conditions later. Our back pain treatment offers the best of research-based chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, and advanced technology. You don’t have to live with back pain, we can help.

If you or a loved one suffers from back pain, give us a call or visit one of our centers. Our collaborative teams of corrective chiropractors, clinical physiotherapists, and Advanced Spine Technology can help even if others have failed.



Female holding with low back pain holding the lumbar spineBest Non-operative Spine Treatment at Chiropractic Specialty Center®

As bad as back pain can get, we can treat it. Our clinical teams offer the best non-operative treatments without medications or injections. Even the world-renowned Mayo Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota is encouraging their patients to exhaust all non-invasive methods before even thinking of having spine surgery. Back pain is a mechanical condition. Mechanical conditions can only be fixed with mechanical methods as opposed to medication or surgery.

Back pain usually occurs when there is an imbalance or weakness in the supporting muscles and ligaments due to improper weight-bearing activities, or a sedentary lifestyle. Eventually, this weakness causes the spine to shift and put an unusual strain on the intervertebral discs that separate them, ultimately leading to a disc bulge or herniation (slipped disc). A bulging or herniated disc (slipped disc) irritates the sensitive nerves of the lumbar spine, leading to pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling.


Awareness of Back, Neck, Scoliosis, and Slipped Disc Treatment Options

Typically, Don’t wait until your pain “goes away” on its own, usually it doesn’t! Even if the back pain went away, the problem will still be there. Some patients may visit a physiotherapist, while others visit a chiropractor to get their back treated. Physiotherapy or Chiropractic alone may not be as helpful in treating back pain patients in comparison to the combined efforts of the two. Physiotherapists treat muscles and ligaments, while chiropractors are concerned with the proper spinal alignments. Competing physiotherapy or chiropractic centers are mostly ill-equipped or improperly treat a back pain patient. As a result, the vast majority of back pain, neck pain or slip disc patients that seek care from physiotherapists or chiropractors may experience frequent flare-ups.

Only Chiropractic Speciality Center ® has incorporated chiropractic, physiotherapy and advanced spine technology to treat even the most challenging back pain patients. In our centers, physiotherapy and chiropractic are integral parts of the care you receive during each visit. Physiotherapy services are better because of our advanced technology. You get the best care when our clinical physiotherapy combines their efforts with our research-based methods of chiropractic care in Malaysia.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Pain is Better When Combined with Clinical Physiotherapy

Published medical research has proven the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment for back pain. Many researchers are recommending the chiropractic adjustment over other forms of treatment for back pain. Chiropractic adjustment of back pain is exceedingly useful but limited in scope as a standalone form of care. The Chiropractic adjustment (Treatment) may help to realign the spine, but it does little for muscles, ligaments and spinal discs.

In our centers, we have combined the clinical efforts of chiropractors with physiotherapy and advanced technology specific for back pain. We have the highest success rate among all other chiropractic or physiotherapy centers in Malaysia (95%). This is why we succeed when others fail.

Spinal Discs and how they cause Lumbago

Intervertebral discs (spinal discs) sits between two spinal bones (spinal vertebrae), except the uppermost portion of the neck; namely the first and the second vertebrae. Thus, there are six spinal discs in the neck, twelve discs in the thoracic spine (upper and mid back regions) and five spinal discs in the lumbar spine (low back).

These intervertebral discs are of importance to our research-based chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists. Our clinical team always pays particular attention to your spinal discs because disc damage can be of varying degrees and as such often go undetected. A damaged disc needs early detection followed by a correction. In other words, identify those injured and then correct and fix them before it causes agonizing pain, disability, paralysis or worse.

Don’t Ignore Spinal Issues!

Ignoring a mild or minor spinal disc disorder is only enabling it to progress to a much nastier version: the full-blown slipped disc or slipped disk. But, yet many do that. In fact, some doctors may tell patients not to worry about minor or small disc problems. We disagree with this mentality. Every health issue or illness start small and only progress to become nasty if it is allowed to do so. Therefore, these doctors that tell patients not to worry about a minor disc issue are in reality help the flare grow into something more sinister.

Keep in mind that nothing in this world will ever stay the same or constant.

A spinal disc is always in motion and is constantly changing. Even the slightest damage opens the doors to more severe issues in time. Our teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists will take measures to stop and reverse these issues.

We promise an accurate diagnosis followed by a proper treatment plan. We will correct the damage done to muscles, ligaments, joints, and spinal discs. Get the best solution for back and neck pain in Malaysia today!

Best Neck and Back Treatment in Malaysia

Over the last ten years: We have successfully treated thousands of neck and back patients with a 95% success rate! 

We correct the issues early on so that it won’t become serious later on. Below is a brief list of minor problems that have an adverse impact on the spinal disc:

  • Disc desiccation (early disc degeneration)
  • Inflamed disc
  • Any thinning of the spinal disc
  • Mild bone spurs (arthritis)
  • Stiff back or slight on/off back pain

These are signs of a more sinister issue that could arise if it is allowed to continue. Early spinal disc issues will always lead to damage. It is a matter of time unless you take measures. Back pain and neck pain are all too common because patients and even some of the doctors have learned to ignore them. Ignoring a mild spinal disc issue can lead to a full-blown slip disc.

We offer the BEST Slipped Disc Treatment Kuala in Malaysia

In our centers, we have had our fair share of treating many forms of a slipped disc. Approximately 70% of our patients experienced pain due to a slipped disc before we treated them. The one thing that is constant in all these patients is that they ignored their initial pain.

Never ignore your pain! We will fix small issues before they become larger. Take charge of your health and visit a Chiropractic Speciality Center ® today! We can fix disc issues before they become more serious.

Discover Excellence in Chiropractic Today

Our clinical team of expert chiropractors and physiotherapists are more than willing to offer you the helping hand. Visit one of our centers and experience clinical excellence that can help your goals of prevention. And if you happened to be the one that ignored a mild problem, we can help. We are more than capable of handling the nastiest slipped disc or mechanically induced back pain or back issues. The clinical successes we have had with the spine, none in Malaysia or Asia can match.

We have succeeded treating severe spine related issues and therefore can be bold with our statements.

We are not one of those all talk, but no action centers. So, we back what we say. Visit us and find out how we can help you live a full active life. Our clinical team can help you reclaim your life.

A damaged disc can lead to a herniated, protruded or prolapsed disc. In layperson’s terms, you may end with a slipped disc (slipped disc). The pain of a slipped disc can be nasty. Think of it like back pain times 10 or more or back pain on steroids. In other words, it is back pain or neck pain issue that was allowed to progress to the next level.

Some experience varying degrees of the following symptoms when they have a slipped disc (slipped disk):

  • Back pain
  • Pain in the upper back or down the shoulder or arms
  • Pain in the buttocks or down the legs
  • Numbness and Tingling sensations in the arms or legs
  • Weakness in the arms or legs
  • Bowel disorders (constipation or irritable bowels in early to middle stages)

Can You Have a Slipped Disc, and Yet Experience No Pain at All?

There is a situation where patients have presented with severe slipped disc and yet have no pain in their back. Some just complained of pain down the thigh or leg, and upon further investigation, the cause was a slipped disc. So, there are times that the body doesn’t alert an individual to issues that have risen. These are the unfortunate as they never experience a warning sign (pain) and such the condition ignored in early stages.

So, if you have back pain or neck pain and it keeps flaring up, come to us let our team look at it. If it is an issue, we will let you know right away. We are here to help as many patients as possible in their quest for better spine and joint health. We aim to make our patient get better and live a healthy active life.

Can the cause of your Leg Pain be Your Back, even when the Back Don’t Hurt?

Yes, you can have sciatica-like symptoms, even if your back doesn’t hurt. Just because there is no pain in your back, it doesn’t mean all is okay. So, if you have pain or the sciatic-like signs and symptoms, we can help. Back problems can present in the legs even when the back doesn’t hurt. The number one cause of leg pain is your back. Nerve roots branching out from the spine can be irritated by:

  • A slipped disc
  • Malpositioning of the vertebra
  • Direct mechanical compression or chemically induced inflammatory response
  • Spasmodic muscles of the buttocks

Our clinical team will assess to identify the root-case. We have the best chiropractors in Malaysia. Our root-cause-analysis methods are painstakingly accurate. Once we have determined the cause of your back pain; our clinical team will recommend therapy and therapeutic measures to effectively get rid of the actual issues. In our centers, we provide integrative treatments collaboratively. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists will work on you using advanced spine technology to make you better faster. They may use chiropractic and physiotherapy devices and techniques to improve the outcomes of each therapeutic session. Our technology, systems of treatments and combination of chiropractic with physiotherapy enables us to treat you better compared to any other chiropractic center in Malaysia.

The best therapy device for neck and back pain is the RxDecom®; an advanced form of spinal decompression therapy only available at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. We can fix severe and agonizing neck and back issues.

RxDecom® Non-surgical Decompression: Lower Back Treatment through Advanced Technology

The RxDecom® works because it can enhance the flow of nutrients to the injured site. Spinal discs have a limited blood supply. Increased stresses can impact the inward flow of nutrients significantly. Let’s see how?

When a spinal disc gets damaged, the pressure within a disc heightens. The increase in spinal disc pressure is due to abnormal stresses placed on it. The increased tensions within the intervertebral disc cause nutrient fragmentation that diffuse or flow out. This also prevents infusion (inward flow) of nutrients. The simultaneous diffusion of nutrients coupled with lack of inward flow is the primary reason why a disc degenerates, bulges, herniated or tears apart.

RxDecom® lowers the pressure within spinal discs by elongation of the column so that these nutrients from surrounding blood vessels can reach the spinal disc easily to repair the damage. RxDecom® coupled with physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment is necessary to address all the problems and to successfully treat a slipped disc, back injury or any other form of back pain.

A slipped disc CAN be Fixed and Repaired without SPINE SURGERY 

We can help you recover without surgery even if your surgeon thinks it is not possible. Don’t opt for invasive methods when we offer better non-surgical options. Surgeons know this, but they may not be aware of effective non-surgical solutions that our advanced non-surgical clinical team can offer a back pain patient. Our technology, expertise, and knowledge are second to none. We have succeeded when others have failed. So, put your trust in our experience and technology. We can get you better.

The RxDecom® and NSD Therapy® is the best and most comprehensive back pain treatment in Malaysia. Best of all, the back pain treatment you get in Malaysia from our centers can repair and even reverse a slip-disc. Visit or call one of our centers to start your back pain treatment today.

Even if your surgeon is keen on surgery; we can speak with your surgeon so that they will understand what we do.

Our technology and methods of back pain treatments are new. Most spine surgeons are not aware of these new non-operative procedures. Although we have tried hard to make them surgeons aware, it has been-been challenging to reach most of them. So, don’t blame your surgeon if he recommends spine surgery for your back pain, let us know we will be glad to put a call to him.

Get the BEST Back Pain Treatment in Malaysia at Chiropractic Specialty Center®

At Chiropractic Specialty Center, we will accurately diagnose your condition before initiating therapeutic measures. Treatments you get at one of our centers are target and diagnosis specific. We have highly skilled and educated Chiropractors and physiotherapists working together. They use state-of-the-art medical equipment with precision targeting to correct, strengthen and stabilize your low back condition. So, call one of our centers today to start living a healthy more active life.

We utilize a combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic, and NSD Therapy. The most efficient of all procedures is our NSD Therapy program. It a non-surgical spinal decompression therapy designed to treat even the most difficult and challenging conditions such as a disc bulge or herniation. However, it is critical to note that spinal decompression therapy is much more advanced and more efficient than traction. Unfortunately, many chiropractors out there are pawning their low-end traction units as a decompression unit. Advanced spinal decompression therapy, in conjunction with chiropractic, physiotherapy, and spinal rehabilitation is the best of the preferred non-surgical treatment options for back pain.

In Malaysia, Excellence in Chiropractic defined better by our clinical accomplishments

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the only centers in Malaysia offering NSD Therapy®! If you suffer from a slipped disc, sciatica, spondylosis, neck pain or back pain we have the technology to treat and repair your condition. We are the only center with proven repair and reversal of slipped disc. Our breakthrough spine technology has helped thousands, and it may just fix your problem. Call us before deciding on surgery. We can get rid of your back pain without medication, injection or spine surgery.

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