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Advanced Trigger Point Therapy by Clinical Physiotherapists

Trigger Point Therapy is advanced methods of soft tissue mobilizations perfected by our clinical teams. Opt for the best spine and joint treatment center in Malaysia. Call us today!

Clinical trigger point therapy of the neck and upper back.The Impact of proper Trigger Point Therapy on Tissue 

Ever wondered why you get tightness on top of your shoulders? It might be a trigger point. The best way to get rid of a trigger point is through Trigger Point Therapy. This form of therapy provided by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists and even some laypersons for treatments of muscles and joint malfunction. Trigger Point Therapy is a highly effective tool and methods of bringing about stability. The key to clinical success lies in proper detection and the myofascial work performed (therapeutic procedures rendered).

Dr. Janet Travell first described Trigger Points in 1942. She described it as a sensitive area located at a particular point on muscles or fascia. However, she went and further related that these delicate tissues should not be considered a trigger point if the pain or irritability often due to trauma, swelling, tumors or infections. Furthermore, she on the record to have stated that the finding of a trigger point couldn’t be objectively measured or explained with neurological examinations. Therefore, a neurological exam to find trigger points may be wasteful.

In short, researchers agree that trigger points are areas of nerve and muscle malfunction. When the controlling nerve to a muscle is not functioning at 100%, the muscle controlled by that nerve will also malfunction. Hence, the tissue (muscle) becomes hyperactive, and a trigger point develops. And soon after that, pain is felt. So, to get to the actual cause, the nerve interference must be corrected. Please bear with us as we will now explain why.

The real reason why the trigger point develops is nerve interference.

We have already established this much. Muscles without nerves are dumb. What we mean is a muscle need neuronal innervation for function and stability. Obstructions or interruptions in neuronal connection lead to a deep muscular response. Prolonged and continued interference with a muscles neural connection leads to tissue damage and these mildly damaged tissues are those described as trigger points.

Therefore, to get rid of these aberrant tissues (trigger points), one must first correct and stabilize the neuronal connection to a given muscle. So, one must initiate direct muscular therapy when the neuronal connection is free of irritation or simultaneously to treatments rendered for the nerve. Otherwise, you risk of having the same condition over and over again without fail.

The chiropractors and physiotherapists of Chiropractic Specialty Centers® practice a research-based method of the spine and joint care.  We are not the simple go about technicians blindly treating patients. Our goals for each therapy session are to correct the cause.  And when it comes to a trigger point, we adjust both the neuronal impingements as well as the muscular or fibrous component of the so-called trigger point. In short, we treat you better. So, visit one of our centers and get evaluated by an actual clinical team that bases their treatment of facts and research.


Trigger point therapy and other chiropractic treatments of spine.Trigger Point Treatment for Neck Pain and Back Pain

Patients with recurrent neck pain and back pain always present with trigger points. In our centers, the physiotherapists and chiropractors will carefully evaluate you to identify your trigger points.  Your therapy session may include specific versions of trigger point therapy.

The result is a neuromuscular cycle that leads to a trigger point formation. Trigger point therapy is a particular form of deep massage applied by our chiropractors or one of our therapists to remove the adverse effect of a neuro-muscular cycle and allowing for quicker healing.

In our center, trigger point therapy is a compliment to other treatments. The effectiveness increased when it is in conjunction with one of the other modalities or a chiropractic adjustment. Treatments are safe, effective, and results can be felt immediately following the therapy itself.

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