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Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Videos

Chiropractic Specialty Center

Chiropractic Specialty Center Sdn Bhd is the first physiotherapy and chiropractic franchise. Chiropractic Specialty Center has a unique system of treatments, which are made possible through an integration of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and chiropractic in Malaysia....

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Better franchise relations and business UAE and Malaysia

Dr. Yama Zafer in a panel discussion on franchise business in Malaysia and UAE and better business relations between UAE and Malaysia. Chiropractic Specialty Center Sdn Bhd is the first chiropractic and physiotherapy center registered as an official franchise in...

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Chiropractors and physiotherapists training session

Chiropractors and physiotherapists training is mandatory for all of our physiotherapists and chiropractors in Malaysia. Our Chiropractors and physiotherapists training is through lectures, practical hands-on training and technical and research-bassed treating...

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How to lift without hurting your back

Back pain is all too common. The severity of pain van varies depending on the individual's tolerance limit as well as the seriousness of a condition. The one constant issues that cause back pain is poor lifting. It is for this reason that Chiropractic Specialty Center...

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Non-surgical treatment options for slipped disc

There is this false notion that a “Slipped Disc” is not reversible. This false statement is due to lack of knowledge and passed around by the intellectually challenged practitioner. Non-surgical treatment options for slipped disc exists, and we have it. Yes, neck pain...

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