Advanced Methods Of Slipped Disc And Chiropractic Care

Get Treated By CSC’s Slip Disc with targeted chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment given through breakthrough therapy devices. Let our clinical teams get you better without surgery or injections; call one of our centers today!

Top-Rated Slipped Disc And Chiropractic Treatment

A slipped disc can be very painful. Most people that have this condition relate that it is the worst pain that they have ever encountered. Pain is your body talking to you, telling you that there is a problem. Don’t ignore it – a slipped disc is easily fixed with chiropractic treatments.

Nothing could be better. Especially when our chiropractors, clinical physiotherapists, and advanced technology can offer you a targeted treatment that others can’t. So, if you have a slipped disc, consider getting treatment at one of our centers. In short, visit our center to get the best holistic methods of slipped disc and Chiropractic Treatments today.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® gives you a much higher chance of beating the slipped disc without surgery.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® Have Been Treating Patients With Slipped Discs For Almost A Decade.

Our methods of chiropractic care have proven very successful without the need for invasive or surgical interventions. We have documented cases where our chiropractors have successfully managed to reverse a slipped disc. They accomplished this with the assistance of our clinical team of physiotherapists, which was further enhanced by advanced technology for the spine.

The slipped disc care you get from one of our centers is through our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists’ collaborative efforts. Moreover, the care you receive from us is through breakthrough spine technology that competing centers do not have.

The slipped disc and chiropractic treatments you get from our chiropractors and physiotherapists are safe, effective, and pain-free. A slipped disc is painful enough, and you should NOT experience any more pain to get rid of it. Our chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments for slipped discs are soothing and achieve better results than others.

Our Chiropractors & Physiotherapists Are Firm Believers In The Fact That Therapy Does Not Have To Cause More Pain.

Chiropractor treating slipped disc on RxDecom

We feel that you don’t have to endure more pain to get better! Therefore, the slipped disc and chiropractic treatments are painless. Most of our physiotherapy slipped disc and chiropractic patients tell us that the sessions are very calming.

Unlike other methods of care, our slipped disc and chiropractic procedures are quite pleasant. NSD Therapy® our preferred method of treatment for those that suffer from a slipped disc. NSD Therapy® is not painful; many people nap during the treatment. Our methods, systems, and technology make it possible for us to treat even the most severe slipped disc cases without any additional pain or discomfort to the patients.

There are lesser systems of treatments available for those that suffer from neck or lower back pain, but most are flawed. To avoid being injured or get worse, get as much information about the treatment method you plan on doing. Find out what types of devices and technologies are available at their center.

Competing centers with limited therapeutic devices or technologies will also have limited capabilities regarding slipped disc treatments. A standard modality for a slipped disc these days is the traction machine. Unlike RxDecom®, traction is limited and even contradicted for most with a slipped disc.

Modern-day Traction, Slipped Disc And Chiropractic

In addition to modern traction, some centers may offer some form of physiotherapy. Traction has had mixed results for many that suffer from a slipped disc. Research published in numerous journals casts doubts on the efficacy of traction therapy. And as such, many doctors do not recommend this form of care. From our clinical experience, we have had numerous patients that did not do well through the traction therapy procedures they had obtained from others.

Can Traction Therapy Make Your Slipped Disc Worse?

Yes. We have even had a case in which traction from a competing center worsened a patient’s slipped disc’s severity. We encourage everyone that has been diagnosed with a slipped disc to contact our centers and schedule an appointment for a consultation. Our methods of care are superior to traction or physiotherapy alone. We offer chiropractic, physiotherapy, specialized rehabilitation, NSD Therapy®, and much more for those with a slipped disc in our centers.

If you have a slipped disc in your neck or your back, avoid getting the traditional rotatory chiropractic treatments. These are the treatments where you are placed on one side and then on the other; each time, the chiropractor manipulates your bones, and a “popping” sound may be heard. Rotatory spine manipulations (twisting and popping as done by many), deep tissue work, or aggressive rehabilitation can have long-lasting damage or harm.

NSD Therapy® was designed to avoid all risks. It is the best and most advanced form of non-surgical treatment for a slipped disc. With the emergence of NSD Therapy®, neck pain and back pain therapy or treatments don’t hurt anymore.

You Don’t Have To Go Through Any Pain To Get Better.

If anyone tells you differently, get away from him or her as fast as possible because pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If therapy causes pain, it is no longer therapy. We call that trauma.

In our center, you can be sure that your treatment sessions will not be traumatizing session. Those that hurt their patients have no business being in this field. This is why our motto is “More gain when there is no pain.” Call our main office at 03-2093 1000 to locate one of our centers near you. When you get us on the line, ask us about our locations. We are here to help.

For treatment to be effective, it must be free of pain or discomfort. Our staff will always take appropriate steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable session for you.

Get NSD Therapy® To Heal Your Slipped Disc

NSD Therapy for slipped disc

NSD Therapy® is all about the healing of damaged “slipped” discs. NSD Therapy® is a combination of focused rehabilitation, clinical physiotherapy, targeted slipped disc, and chiropractic treatments. Our slipped disc and chiropractic treatments are now making it possible to recover without surgery or injections. People with slipped discs no longer have to undergo complex, unnecessary surgery to heal.

Degenerated discs, bulging discs, herniated discs, Sciatica & Spondylolisthesis, and posterior facet syndrome are big problems and take years to occur. Correcting such chronic conditions will require time and effort, even with NSD Therapy®. Issues begin to arise long before any pain is felt as problems develop slowly over time. Likewise, it will take time and effort to get rid of them. The amount of time needed for reversing or stabilizing your neck or back depends on the severity of your condition.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will You Require?

Some may require only a few physiotherapy sessions, but the number of physiotherapy sessions may increase if there is a spinal disc issue. On average, a patient with a slipped disc needs care for 6-8 weeks of chiropractic combined with physiotherapy and NSD Therapy®.

Treatments are non-invasive and performed on an outpatient basis. There will be no hospital stays or painful injections and no harmful drugs or medications. Best of all, there is no cutting. As a result, you get better and keep all your important body parts. The Almighty did not give us extra parts. Hence. NSD Therapy® can keep the surgeon away; the surgeon might not like it, but your body will love it.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may require more than the average 20 to 30 sessions of our physiotherapy, rehabilitation, slipped disc, and chiropractic treatments (NSD Therapy®). Some may need a bit more, depending on their age and the severity of their condition. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the premiere NSD Therapy® center you need and deserve for a fast recovery.

If you have neck or back pain that reoccurs, or the pain has progressively worsened, visit one of our centers and see what our collaborative clinical team of chiropractors and physiotherapists can do for you today. Call us today: We provide you with CSC’s advanced methods of slipped disc treatments by our chiropractors and physiotherapists. Our slipped disc and chiropractic care is your best non-surgical route towards recovery; call us today!