Scholarship Program Of Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Has Been Placed On Hold Until Further Notice!

The Chiropractic Specialty Center® Scholarship Program is designed to advance physiotherapy and chiropractic in Malaysia. Our goal is to support the brightest and most passionate chiropractic and physiotherapy students. In essence, our scholarship program is set up to reward and recognize outstanding academic efforts.

In 2017, Chiropractic Specialty Center Sdn Bhd will provide Scholarship Program (CSC Scholarship Program) to further assist chiropractic and physiotherapy students in Malaysia’s education. This program is enacted to help and reward the deserving students for their Chiropractic or Physiotherapy education in Malaysia. You do not have to be a Malaysian to apply, but you must attend a participating university in Malaysia.

We intend to recognize and award two Chiropractic or Physiotherapy students in Malaysia:

  1. CSC Chiropractic Scholarship: RM1,000.00
  2. CSC Physiotherapy Scholarship: RM1,000.00

Those interested in obtaining the CSC Scholarship shall meet the following qualification and requirements:

  1. You shall be a current student in good standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0**
  2. Attend a participating Chiropractic or Physiotherapy program in Malaysia.
  3. You shall submit your completed application, including an essay on Chiropractic or Physiotherapy in English, to our office.

How To Apply?

Before applying, please make sure that your University is participating in our program. We have provided the names of participating schools below. If you do not see your university listed here, please check back at a later date as we are continually updating our list of participating universities. Alternatively, you may ask your school to contact us for a listing. Listing of an accredited Malaysian University can be done within 24-48 hours post their request. It is fast and easy.

Share with others:

You may download the application here. Follow the instruction of the application and complete the downloaded CSC Scholarship Program application in its entirety. Submit one copy to your University. Once you have submitted your school’s required forms, we ask that you send the same to us via email.