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Injured hip resulting from running.Cause and Treatment for a Sprained Hip

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of this article, we need to clarify the difference between a sprained hip and strained hip. For some, this may be too basic while others may require a bit of clarity: an important point, especially if you are suffering from hip pain.

Whenever you hear the term “Sprain,” it refers to an injury to the ligaments of a joint. Ligaments are the connectors of our bones. Joint Ligaments are the fibrous tissues that connect our bones. The shoulder and the hip joint are the two most ligament dense joints of the body. In other words, these two joints have layers upon layers of ligaments. We need these ligaments to prevent a dislocation. Sometimes, these ligaments get stretched beyond their limits leading to a sudden onset injury or microscopic tears, which produces varying degrees of pain.

A “Strain” on the other hand is an injury similar to the sprain, but one that involves the muscle. For example, a ”Strained Hamstring.” Sprain and Strain injuries are common in sports. It is important to understand the cause (ligament or muscle) before treatments, as the different tissues will require distinct levels of care.

One of the most common injuries that we encounter in our offices is a “Sprained Hip.” They are relatively common because the hip has layers and layers of it to protect the joint.


Sprained Hip

A person with a hip injury has stretched or torn one of the ligaments that support the hip joint. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that hold the bones in place during movement of a joint. If you have sprained your hip, you may feel pain and tenderness around your hip joint. You may find it hard to walk, especially if you are having hip pain. You might find it difficult when you stand or feel a bit (or a lot) of hip pain or stiffness in your hip joint. Our bodies are mechanical things like a car. Sometimes joints get stuck or are not moving correctly. When this happens, the malfunction turns into wear and tear and eventual breakdown.

Pain is the warning light that says something is wrong. Keep driving yourself around with the warning light on, and you can reasonably expect that eventually, you are going to break down. Your mechanical car needs regular maintenance, why would you expect your mechanical body to be any different? Thus, highlighting the necessity of urgent care when an injury occurs. Our centers offer the best clinical physiotherapy in Malaysia. In addition to clinical physiotherapy, our Chiropractic Treatment in Malaysia is second to none.

Hip muscles, ligaments and joint associated with sprained hip.

Pain of a Sprained Hip can be referred to the Low Back or down to the Leg

Hips are the strongest of joints in your body. They bear your weight and allow to live a healthy active life. However, injuries do lead to malfunction and pain. Care should be sought as soon as possible to prevent instabilities in the hips. The hip is anatomically one of the most stable joints in your body, but it is susceptible to injury when in the flexed (knee towards chest). However, extension (knee towards the back) injuries may occur with significant trauma. Hip pain resulting from a hip sprain is an uncommon sports injury, accounting for less than 4% of all sprains and 1% of all injuries. They do happen, though.

Sprained hip refers to hip pain on the medial aspect (inside/toward the midline of the body) of the knee, lower back, groin or buttocks. Persistent pain, particularly with locking or catching sensations, should be evaluated immediately. Chiropractic Specialty Centers treat Sprained Hip through the collaborative efforts of Advanced Clinical Chiropractors in Malaysia and research-based teams of Physiotherapists. For best-sprained hip treatment in Malaysia, visit one of our centers today.

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