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Elbow Pain & Elbow Injury Treatment By The Best In Malaysia.

We are Malaysia’s premier elbow pain and elbow injury treatment center. Call us today!

Elbow pain treatment from our corrective teams includes corrective chiropractic, clinical physiotherapy, and advanced joint and sports injury treatment devices. Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best comprehensive joint and sports injury treatment in Malaysia. Let our experts help you recover without surgery or injections.

Cause & Cure For The Pain In Your Elbow

There is no magic when it comes to the treatment of elbow pain. Most of the time, elbow pain is self-limiting and often clears up within 2-3 days. Elbow pain, for the most part, may not need care at all. If you rest sufficiently and ice the injured part, it should be sufficient. Regardless of how mild your elbow discomfort, stiffness, or pain is, you need to rest and ice the affected part. Rest, ice, and should be the primary methods of elbow pain management. However, getting expert clinical care from our teams is critical to avoiding chronic conditions later. Chiropractic Specialty Center® have clinical physiotherapy and chiropractic experts as well as the advanced therapeutic devices and technologies such as Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) to treat even the most complicated elbow pain.

Man with a painful elbow holding arm.

Don’t Neglect Or Ignore Your Elbow Pain, Let Us Help!

We have seen far too many mild elbow pain conditions that developed into a more wicked problem because of neglect. Ignoring elbow pain is not advisable. There is this false notion of time healing all wounds. Well, this could not be further from the truth, especially when it comes to the elbows. Time is against you when there is an injury. If you treat the injured part in time, scar tissue or adhesion will not form. If you get the care, you need the muscles and ligaments will not start the process of degeneration. However, neglecting a small issue such as bursitis or tendonitis can lead to adhesions, scar tissue and even muscle and ligament degenerations.

Aside from those that ignore their elbows, there is a group that can’t rest. These are the athlete that can’t wait to get back to the playing field; sometimes too soon. A mild injury could turn on you and become significant if you go back too early to sports or activity that caused the problem in the first place.

What To-Do For Chronic Or Long-lasting Elbow Pain?

But for those that have pain for longer than three days or pain that reoccurs after an activity: it is time to see us! Long-lasting elbow pain or one that reoccurs does so because of a more profound problem. Our clinical physiotherapists and research-based chiropractors have years of clinical experience when it comes to spine and joint disorders. Elbow pain is one of the more common conditions that we see daily.

Macular and ligamentous sources of elbow pain.

Pain In Elbows Resulting From Injuries

The vast majority of elbow conditions seen in our offices are the results of traumatic events or neglect of a mild condition. Traumatic injuries to the elbows frequently occur in sports and recreation. The third most common reason why patients get care from is those that have an overuse elbow injury. Oversee elbow injury takes place in people that perform repetitive motions or carry heavy objects frequently.

Patients who ignore a mild problem will almost always develop more complicated chronic problems later. An overuse injury is a term given to pain that results from overuse. These types of injuries are becoming more common because often, they are ignored.

Understanding Overuse Injury & Elbow Pain

The thing to understand is that an overuse injury or condition is not a single cause or related to a single or isolated event. Often, an overuse injury or condition is a result of several malfunctions and disorders that co-occur and affect the joint, and the same rule applies to an elbow.

The elbow joint is a hinge joint made by the union of three (3) long bones: the Humerus, the Radius, and the Ulna. The humerus is the long bone that connects to both the shoulder and elbow. It has two critical structures: the medial and lateral epicondyles. The lateral epicondyle is on the outside of your elbow. The one towards the inside of the elbow joint is the medial epicondyle.

In our center, our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists utilize their collective skills, knowledge, and technology to treat elbow pain or injury better. We have a very high success rate when it comes to the treatment of elbow pain. Our methods of care are better than chiropractic, physiotherapy or rehabilitation. Ours is better because it combines all three (chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation).

Best Elbow Pain Treatment In Maaysia

Among the professional and non-professional athletes, there is a tendency to consider the overuse of elbow injury as trivial. Some continue to participate, even with significant symptoms, leading to a delay in diagnosis and proper treatment, making it difficult to recover. At times, in the severe and chronically neglected conditions, it may even lead to disability.

Anatomy of the elbow

Today, the most common overuse elbow conditions are tennis (tennis elbow) and in golf (golfer’s elbow). Our spine and joint specialists in Malaysia have successfully treated elbow pain sufferers from all walks of life. Our chiropractors and our physiotherapists will carefully evaluate your elbow to diagnose your condition accurately.

Why Elbow Pain Patients Recovers Faster At Our Center?

Elbow patients seen in our centers are often those that have either a medial or a lateral elbow (medial or lateral epicondyle) problem. Muscles that allow flexing or your wrist and fingers, clenching a fist or grasping your nine iron insert to the medial epicondyle. But, muscles enabling you to extend your wrist and fingers are attached to the lateral epicondyle. The terms Tennis or Golfer’s elbow is used to describe an injury to specific regions of the elbow. A Tennis elbow is referring to pain on the outside of the elbow, termed as lateral epicondylitis. On the other hand, the gofer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis is a reference to elbow pain on the inside of your elbow. If you have either of these conditions, it is of absolute importance that you limit your athletic participation during recovery or risk further injuring the soft tissues of the elbow.

tendons of the elbows

Before Opting For Surgery, Injections Or Medication, Visit Our Center.

Some clinics and therapy centers rely heavily on pain medication and stretching exercises for those with elbow pain. Stretching and exercise are good, but they could also be harmful. Before exercise or stretching instructions, the joint must be rendered stable, otherwise the risk of further injuring the joint increase to a point where surgery may be the only options.

Aggressive Stretching Of An Injured Tissue Wil Do More Harm

For most, the stretching and medication given are useless from the start. Stretching of an injured joint alone can lead to more injury. Medication can subdue and numb the pain, and when combined with stretching, the harmful effects could multiply. This is a futile attempt and has, on most occasions, led to more invasive procedures. Here are the four step-by-step processes in which clinical errors lead to the unwarranted invasive and surgical procedures:

  1. Initial management is through exercises, stretching, and painkilling medication. If this doesn‘t work then cortisone is injected.
  2. When exercise and stretching provide little-to-no relief, they inject a chemical into your joints. They will pump in cortisone, stem cells, and have you do more stretching and exercise. Also, they may prescribe a handful of medications. Elbow pain has never killed a single person, but cortisone, painkilling medication, and anti-inflammatories have.
  3. When all else fail, they want to cut on your elbows. Surgery is recommended and performed!
  4. Therapy is initiated and termed as ”post-surgical rehab.” Would it not be easier and better to initiate a targeted therapy program before embarking on the medical route described above.
Man with elbow pain holding arm in a flexed position.

Stem-Cell Injection Only Benefits Companies That Produce Them & Those Who Inject Them! Don’t Bother With Their unsupported Claims!

If you have elbow pain that lasts longer than just a few days, call one of our centers today. Our methods of care are natural, and holistic, which combines chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Injecting cortisone into an elbow is not just valid, but could also have serious side effects. Stem cells are also fast becoming popular. The beneficiary of a stem-cell injection is the injecting doctor and the company that produced the stem cells. However, this process is highly ineffective.

Non-surgical, Non-invasive Spine, Joint & Sports Injury Treatment

The chiropractors and physiotherapist of Chiropractic Specialty Center® are the non-surgical, non-invasive spine, joint, and sports injury treatment providers in Malaysia. The first center was launched seven years ago in Kuala Lumpur, and since we have launched several locations throughout the country. Our methods of care are collaborative. Our elbow treatment protocols are focused and specialized. Therapy includes care given by chiropractors and physiotherapists.

How Do I Get My Elbow Pain To Stop Hurting?

First and most important, rest and avoid activities that cause pain. Ice your elbow for 15-minutes 3-5 times a day, with a 90-minutes rest in-between icing sessions. Also, get a well-fitting elbow brace. As a natural alternative to drugs, boil mixture ginger and turmeric as a team to reduce swelling. There are different types of braces for the elbow. Choosing the right one is essential. In general, there are two types:

  1. Strap or clasp elbow braces
  2. Sleeve elbow brace

The elbow clasps are generally more expensive. However, the benefit of an elbow clasp is that it offers better-targeted support. The downside is that they have to fit correctly, and as such, they are harder to find in Malaysia. On the other hand, an elbow brace is relatively inexpensive and radially available. These are simple straps that wrap around the arm, just below the elbow joint, to add support for your tendons and muscles. Another option is the elbow sleeve. Sleeve braces for elbows can add additional support but are not as targeted as the clasps or straps. You can wear these during activates or even at rest. The best type of an elbow sleeve is those that come with a strap to protect the tendons of your arm.

Opt For Corrective Elbow Pain Treatment From Experts With 13-Years Of Experiance

  • Adjustment: The elbow adjustment used by our chiropractors is a technique that has been developed by us. We have perfected this procedure over the years, and today the majority of our patients feel better on the very first visit. This procedure is designed to enhance the joint position and to improve joint motion.
  • Physiotherapy: Most patients will need some form of physiotherapy to improve the soft tissue surrounding the elbow joint. Research has shown the effectiveness of these forms of treatments in the management of pain, inflammation, and healing. Often the chiropractor will recommend a combination of ultrasound, interferential current (electrical stimulation), ice or heat.
  • Exercise: As you improve, specific stretches and exercises will be implemented to help stabilize your elbow. Please be advised that exercise can either hurt or help you. Make certain that you consult with our chiropractors before commencing an exercise program.
  • Supplements: In most cases, our chiropractors will recommend a nutritional supplement to speed up recovery and maintain healthy joints and muscles. If you are currently supplementing, make certain that we are aware.
  • Braces: When moving the elbow aggravates the pain, our chiropractors may recommend the use of an elbow brace. This will allow for immobilization of the elbow, and help the tissues heal at a quicker rate.

Our Integrated Approach To Elbow Pain Is Better Than Injections, Medication & Surgery Combined!

By now, you should have a good understanding of elbow pain. So, let’s cover some facts that relate to the importance of care you get from our clinical teams for elbow pain. Unlike others, we treat patients through the collaborative efforts of our clinical chiropractors and physiotherapists. Chiropractic care has been proven significantly effective in fixing the root-causes of elbow problems. The majority of patients that present with an elbow disorder will have varying degrees of tendon, muscles, and joint issues. Our clinical teams combine the efforts of our chiropractors and physiotherapists with advanced therapy devices to get you better faster.

Please read this published research on the chiropractic treatment of elbows. Our methods of elbow pain treatments are focused; targeting of root-causes with research-based clinical non-surgical means. Visit us today for the best elbow pain treatment option in Malaysia.