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KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital

KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital is near to both our Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Buloh Center.

The KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital is the 25th hospital launched by the KJP group. As the name applies, it is located in Rawang, Malaysia. Rawang is moderate sized township about 23 km northwest of KL. Rawang departed from Hulu Selangor in 1974, following Kuala Lumpur’s separation from Selangor. Let’s get back to our topic of discussion: KPJ Rawang: now that you have some information about the city of Rawang. KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital is owned and managed by the renowned KPJ Healthcare Berhad. The hospital was launched on March 31, 2014. It has some 160beds and offers a host of medical and surgical services for the residents of Rawang. The hospital has a staff of over 200 employees that includes some 16 resident consultants in addition to the others.

Over the years we have seen numerous patients that were treated or diagnosed at the KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital. Also, we have also referred several patients there for MRI and X-ray assessments. Although KPJ Rawang has therapy departments where patients can get care, some chose us. The therapy department of KPJ Rawang offers competitively priced treatments when compared to another hospital. However, the vast majority of efforts of the therapists are concentrated on pre- or post-surgical patients. Therefore, if you have a musculoskeletal disorder and want a non-invasive therapy route, you will do better in centers or clinics that focus their entire efforts on non-invasive methods. And that is where we come in.

Our Sungai Buloh and Kuala Lumpur centers are the nearest centers we have to KPJ Rawang.  We are the premier musculoskeletal therapy center in the Klang Valley. None in town utilize our methods or have the breakthrough non-surgical spine specific technology. In short, we succeed when others fail. Our Sungai Boluh and Kula Lumpur therapy center is a short drive. If you are in pain, seek us out. It will be worth your time to see what we can offer. Surgery and invasive methods should be your last option and never the first. Call us for direction, and with your questions. We are here to help. Our clinical experts can get you back to an active, healthy life without the need for medication, injections or surgery.

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