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PETRONAS Twin Towers KLCC and Our Non-Surgical Spine and Joint Treatment Centre based in Kuala Lumpur

The PETRONAS Twin Towers is located to the southwest of us.  The KLCC is a symbol of the culture of Malaysia and Malaysian commitment to constant advancement on a world stage. The innovative blend of design – with motifs that are a reminder of local weaving and handicrafts combined with glass and stainless steel, creates something that celebrates Islamic design while remaining modern.

Geometric forms inspired each Tower’s floor plate, with two interlocking squares creating an eight-pointed star. The forms reflect a critical Islamic principle – that of “unity within unity,” and “harmony, stability, and rationality.” The towers are designed to be ‘intelligent buildings,’ with seamless coordination of communications, power, lighting, fire, and smoke alarms and controls, environmental controls and the security system.

The Pinnacles

To improve safety, there are aircraft warning lights and some external maintenance features in the pinnacles – spires that have 23 individual segments, and a ring ball with 14 separate rings of various diameters.

The Exterior

Each tower is set back so that it tapers five times, retaining its vertical access. The walls of the upper floors slope inwards to create a point where the pinnacle meets.

The towers also have faceted walls – with 55,000 glass panels and 33,000 stainless steel panels. The vision glass has light filtering and also noise reducing properties to offer maximum comfort and protection from the sun. If you are visiting our center in Kuala Lumpur, we would be happy to give you directions from KLCC to our center.

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