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Hospital Sungai Buloh


Sungai Buloh Hospital is less than a few kilometers from our Sungai Buloh center.

The Sungai Buloh Hospital is one of the best Malaysian Government hospitals for the treatment of spine and joint. In fact, some of the best spine surgeons are there. The Sungai Buloh Hospital is a teaching hospital. It covers about 130 acres of land space in Sungai Buloh. The hospital was launched to provide essential services needed for the residents of Petaling Jaya, Gombak, Kuala Selangor, Bukit Rahman Putra and of course Sungai Boluh. Estimates of the numbers of the population it serves ranges from 2.8 to 3 million residents.

Based on our information, the hospital was launched in 1999. Since its launch, the nearby resident has easy access to life-saving healthcare needs. The hospital has some 620 beds to serve the secondary and tertiary medical needs of the residents.  It is located about 25 kilometers from the city center in Kuala Lumpur but is relatively near to our Sungai Buloh therapy center.  The visiting hours for Sungai Buloh Hospital are Monday-Friday from 12:30-14:00 and again from 16:30 to 19:30.  Visiting hours on the weekends and public holidays is the same. However, we encourage you to contact the hospital directly, as these hours may have changed.

Over the last eleven years, we have seen patient from Sungai Buloh Hospital in both our Kuala Lumpur center and the newly launched Sungai Buloh center in Valencia. Our research-based clinical integrative therapy solutions provided on an outpatient basis have helped many. In fact, we were successful in getting rid of pain and malfunction without medication, injections or surgery. Although the hospital has a therapy department, most find our centers better. Perhaps it is our hours of operation or the collaborative care and even our technology that sets us apart. If you suffer or live in pain, visit us today. Call us and see what services we can provide in getting you back to healthy active life.

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