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Global Doctors

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Global Doctors in Mont Kiara (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

The Global Doctors Hospital in Mont Kiara started their operations in 2003. The original Global Doctors group is headquartered in Australia. But, also has a presence in China, Indonesia, Thailand, and of course Malaysia. In Malaysia, they have two hospitals established one in Bayu Walk, and the other in Mont Kiara. The hospital provides a competent range of services including physical therapy and dental services. Diagnostic services offered are X-rays, Ct Scans, MRI, DEXA, and Diagnostic Ultrasound. Additionally, they offer emergency and ambulatory services for the nearby residents of Mont Kiara, Hartamas, and Bukit Damansara.

Over the years we have referred many patients there for diagnostic services such as X-rays, MRI and DEXA (bone density) tests.  We have also treated numerous patients that initiated care with them. The primary reason why some of these patients sought care from us was our holistic non-invasive approach to spine and joint conditions. Furthermore, our Kuala Lumpur center is just a few short kilometers from the Global Doctors Medical Center. So, our convenient location coupled with our methods of integrative non-surgical solutions were the primary reasons why some of their patients finished their care with us.

Our non-surgical spine and joint care are through the collaborative efforts of our clinical teams that specialize in non-surgical treatments. Best of all, the breakthrough technology we use for the spine will provide results even if the surgery did not help you. Call our center, if you are in pain and in need of holistic non-invasive solutions that target the root-causes of your condition.  We will be delighted to help your recovery as we have for the thousands of patients we have treated. Call our Kuala Lumpur center today for directions and information. Our centers are the premier non-surgical centers for spine and joint. We are here to help.

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