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Our Back Pain Exercises Fixes your back Faster.

Get the best and most comprehensive back pain exercises for our spine experts today.

Back pain exercises of a female patient by a physiotherapistThe Best Back Pain Exercises and Treatments 

A wrong twist can put you flat on your back. It has happened to people before, and it will continue to happen to lots of individuals in the future. The reason why this crazy cycle will never stop is weakness present in our spinal muscles. The muscles of our bodies help keep our body in motion, but it also protects us from injury and premature wear and tear. In this section of our website, we will inform you how you can prevent-or-even self-treat those painful aches and twinges you get in your back through our target specific back pain exercises.

If you have had back pain, then you know very well the impact it can have on your life. Nowadays, scoliosis, slip-disc, neck pain, and back pain are common occurrences. Depending on the severity of pain, it could be crippling. Although mechanical back pain has never killed anyone, some sufferers admit to being killed by the pain. Back problems that arise from sciatica, slip disc, arthritis, and degeneration have all one thing in common: weak back muscles. In other words, to recover from back pain, you will need a specific physiotherapy program of back pain exercises to meet your rehabilitative needs. Therefore, we will go over some important point about rehabilitative exercise needs for those in pain.


Regular exercise can help you keep your muscles and the soft tissues that surround your back strong and flexible.

Furthermore, regular exercise will keep your core muscles strong enough to avoid flare-ups or reinjury. So, instead of contemplating, just do it!  Get started right away.  Good health is just around the corner, all it takes is a bit of effort. The best back pain exercises you can do are those that target your core muscles. If you follow proper form and technique, exercise specifically for your back and core can prevent back problems altogether, and you can belong to the 20% of those that will never experience back pain. In short, exercise is essential to staying healthy as well as becoming healthy after illness or injury. Therefore, regardless of who you are; you will need to exercise. Preferably daily.

80% of the world will have intense back pain at least once in their lifetime. However, you can avoid being one of the 80%. Gentle stretching and exercise along with a proper diet and nutrition can put you on this path. Hence, we have included on this page some basic back pain exercises. Please review, print and bring them to one of our centers with you for consultation. However, we do not recommend for you exercises unless we have had the opportunity to evaluate your condition. So, the best way to get started is to contact our center and set you a time to go over exercise and therapy programs with one of our non-operative experts today.

If you suffer from neck pain and stiffness, you will benefit from our targeted neck pain exercises. Also, those who suffer from knee pain will need to have advanced and highly effective knee pain exercises.


The best exercise for back pain and back pain treatment program is those that are focused and diagnosis specific.

So, don’t take a chance with your spine. You only have one. Exercise needs to be focused and targeted for it to be beneficial clinically. And do not trust your back to the unlearned.

At Chiropractic Specialty Center® we have the experts you need for a healthier lifestyle. Call us today and speak with one of our non-surgical spine specialists today. Our Clinical Team of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are ready to help you live a healthy active life.


Back Pain Exercises: 


Illustration of back pain exercises involving the hips.Exercise 1:

Starting Position: Lying on your back with uninvolved leg straight and invoked knee bent. Clasp your hands around your involved knee.

Exercise: Slowly pull your knee toward your opposite shoulder. Return to the starting position.






Cat and Camel back pain exercises.Exercise 2:

Starting Position: On your hands and knees. Hands and knees are shoulder-width apart.

Exercise: Slowly arch your back toward the ceiling, then lower it toward the floor. Find the position that feels best.





Illustration of back pain exercises through a pelvic trust.Exercise 3:

Starting Position: Lying on your back, knees bent and arms flat on the floor.

Exercise: Lift your hips toward the ceiling while squeezing your buttock muscles together. Return to the starting position.

Back pain is a serious health issue. It is the leading cause of disability in persons under the age of 50. If you suffer from back pain, call or visit our center and get evaluated for back pain and back pain exercises by the best clinical teams treating patients through physiotherapy and Chiropractic in Malaysia.

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