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Damansara Specialist Center

Kuala Lumpur


Damansara Specialist Center is Near Our Center in Kuala Lumpur

Damansara Specialist Hospital also is known as KPJ Damansara, or KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital is the eight-hospital owned and operated by KPJ Healthcare Sdn Bhd. In Malaysia, KPJ Healthcare Sdn Bhd is the largest healthcare group of companies. All in all they own 19 hospitals in Malaysia and two in Indonesia. The Damansara branch is better known as Damansara Specialist Center, or KPJ Damansara Hospital is about only about 7 km from our center in Bukit Damansara. We launched our first center was launched in 2007. Since our inception, we have treated hundreds of patients that were treated in Damansara Specialist Hospital. We have even treated numerous patients who were previously operated on at the hospital.

Patients that came to us from KPJ Damansara wanted a non-surgical approach. Although the hospital has a physical therapy department, the methods of care they utilize significantly differs from what we offer. Our collaborative spine and joint care and our breakthrough technology have proven helpful for the many that were treated at the therapy departments of other hospitals. The key to our successes is our integrative solutions and breakthrough therapeutic devices that target the cause, rather than the symptoms. While KPJ Damansara is an excellent hospital, the level of non-surgical care you get from us in Damansara heights is better targeted. We have provided directions to our center below. Should you have any questions about our methods of care, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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