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TMJ Treatment is better from our Jaw Pain Experts in Malaysia

Clinical TMJ Treatment Based on Research-Based Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Advanced Technology.

Young female with jaw pain in need of TMJ Treatment

TMJ Disorder and TMJ Treatment in  Malaysia is Better by Our Collaborative Methods.  

Thousands suffer needlessly with TMJ pain in Malaysia, while TMJ treatment is readily available in our centers. Quite honestly, we offer the best TMJ Treatment in Malaysia! The TMJ treatment you get in one of our centers is made possible through the clinical efforts of our chiropractors and physiotherapists. However, our unique methods and advanced technology is the primary reason why get better results.

Our physiotherapy and chiropractic TMJ treatment are condition specific and improved through advanced treatment devices and technologies. In short, we offer the best TMJ treatment in Malaysia. So why settle for one or the others, when you can get the best TMJ treatments from us. You owe it to yourself to try our proven methods and advanced technology. Before we expand on our proven non-surgical methods, let’s cover what a TMJ disorder is. If you start to experience pain and discomfort in your jaw regularly, you may have TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder). We will cover some of the common causes of TMJ pain in the coming sections.



TMD and TMJ Treatment explained through three imagesWhat is TMD and How Our Treatments Helps You Recover Faster in Malaysia?

TMJ is the medical term for the jaw joint, while TMD is a reference to the disorders affecting the jaw joint, ligaments and muscle, resulting in jaw pain or TMD. Jaw pain and disorders cause pain when chewing, swelling of your face, clicking the jaw, headaches, and even neck pain. There are instances when the condition can cause a problem with the Eustachian tubes; leading to imbalances and hearing disorders.  The good news we can share with you is that our methods of physiotherapy and chiropractic TMJ treatment can help.

During your consultation, our chiropractor will assess your jaw, neck, chest and upper back. Our clinical teams may ask you to perform a couple of tasks. Their goal is to identify all root-causes of your jaw pain. In other words, we will diagnose the actual cause, a needed precursor to a speedy recovery. If you suffer from jaw pain (TMJ disorder or TMD), we will provide you with the best holistic TMJ treatment options. Our TMJ therapy protocols will include expert clinical physiotherapy. But, we don’t just stop with physiotherapy treatments alone. Our jaw pateints get treated with targeted methods of research-based chiropractic treatment in Malaysia in addition to clinical physiotherapy.

Also, we will customize individual exercise programs as well as other home care remedies to speed the process of healing. Furthermore, our Doctor of Chiropractic may refer you to an orthodontist or dentist to help you in treating the tandem depending on the severity of your condition, and the need for collaborative Chiropractic TMJ treatment with a Dentist.

Lady holding her right jaw in obvious TMJ painAdvanced Clinical Jaw Pain Therapy in Malaysia

If you are a jaw pain sufferer or one who suffers from neck pain, upper back pain, and jaw issues (clicking in the jaw, jaw pain or buzzing noise in ears), come to our center and get evaluated by some of the best chiropractors in Malaysia. At our center, your chiropractor will be able to identify the problem and help you avoid going through a lot of pain. We use the best and most clinical methods of jaw pain treatment in Malaysia. The care our chiropractic treatment is through non-forceful means based on the latest developments. Best of all, our Chiropractic TMJ treatment is painless. You don’t have to hurt more to get better.


Chiropractic TMJ Treatment Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaOther health conditions accompany Jaw Pain: We provide the Best Non-Invasive Care in Malaysia.

There are some risks factors brought about by TMJ pain. Some of them are a little surprising. For example, poor posture can cause neck strain, which can result in jaw muscle malfunctioning. Stress has also been shown to play a part in TMJ pain because it causes an increase in tension in the muscles of the neck and jaws. People who are at the most risk to get TMJ are women between the ages of 18 to 40. The risks can also increase if you have other inflammatory disorders.

A common disorder often presents with some TMJ disorder is spinal disc issues. Herniated discs, protruded discs or prolapsed discs (Slip-disc or slipped discs) are common conditions that can cause or aggravate your TMJ. Most TMJ patients we have seen in Malaysia have relatively high incidences of a slipped disc. Why is this important? Well, to recover from a health issue, all associated disorders need addressing. The same holds true for TMJ pain or TMJ disorder.

In our center, a clinical chiropractor and a physiotherapist will spend a great deal of time evaluating your jaws and neck. If we discover a herniated disc (slipped disc), we may recommend NSD Therapy®. Our TMJ treatment of patients with neck issues incorporates NSD Therapy protocols. We are the ONLY center in Malaysia that offers this highly targeted method of care.

Our Clinical Jaw Therapy in Malaysia can significantly reduce your Pain

Pain in the jaw is the primary symptom of TMJ disorder (TMD). The pain may even involve the ears, eyes, face, neck, and the forehead. You may also notice the joint popping or clicking, a sense of fullness in the ears, crackling ears, ringing or popping sounds, blurred vision, headaches, stiff or tight jaw or neck muscles, locking and dislocation of your jaw, and shoulder pain. Let our clinical research-based chiropractors and physiotherapists provide you with the best TMJ treatment in Malaysia today.

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